About Page

Hello, my name is Nicole Narris. You probably are wondering how in the world one can up and decide one morning to start a site dedicated to sleeper pillows. I know this can cut across as weird for many, yet at the same time really helpful. To understand where I am coming from and the genesis of this site, we have to go back to the very beginning, back when I was having sleepless night and insane neck aches. It is said that you never appreciate the waters till the well runs dry. This is true, you never appreciate the sleep you have till you have too little of it or none at all. You wake up feeling even more tired than you were the previous day with this searing pain in your neck region. I visited numerous doctors who all told me one thing, change your pillow. Every time I got this reply I would flare up with anger as I had just gotten a new pillow. But as it turned out, after a long and intense research, my sleeper pillow was indeed the problem. The position I assumed when I slept was not supported with the kind of pillow that I had gotten. Shocker right, there are different sleeper pillows for the different sleeper positions. See, you are learning that just now. It is for this reason, sharing my knowledge that I started a site fully dedicated to sleeper pillows.