How To Compare Juicers

Before buying a juicer compare Juicers of the Top Brands such as Breville, vs Jack Lallane, Champion, Omega vs Miracle, Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach.

Our Juicer Ratings will help you find out which is the best juicer.

You can also compare prices of juicers, to find A Good deal.

You can find out about a variety of Juicer Models and compare Juicers by Reading our unbiased juicer reviews. Evaluate features, pros and cons, and prices of Juicers.

Get The Juicer Ratings You Need

Look for a juicer that has the below features so you can Get what you pay for, and Enjoy juicing –

  • Power – Can it sustain extensive episodes of Juicing. Juicers Ratings for power are presented in watts or horsepower. Horsepower is an approximate measure of watts or electrical power. One horsepower is roughly equal to 746 watts. Lower horsepower or watts impacts the speed of the blade per minute (Revolution per minute or RPM).
  • The kind of Fruit/Vegetables you plan to Juice – A juicer that can handle leafy Greens (spinach, parsley, wheat Grass) usually is not suitable for harder products (carrots, beets, pineapple). A Centrifugal juicer is the most common type of juicer sold in stores, online and on TV. A centrifugal juicer is great at juicing hard fruit and vegetables. They are not so good at extracting high yields of juice from leafy greens. If you plan to juice mostly leafy greens, a Twin gear juicer or a Masticating Juicer might be better for your needs.
  • Width of feeder tube – The larger the feed tube the less time you spend on cutting and slicing fruit and vegetable. A large feed tube allows whole or half products to be juiced. A true time savor!
  • Simplicity of Assembling/disassembling and Cleaning – in this case – Less Is More. The less parts your juicer has, the less time it will take to clean it, and put it together again.
  • Noise Level – Consumer Juicer Ratings give a big thumbs up on quite operation
  • Duration of Warranty – keep your eyes open to that, although some of the Best Juicer Brands have a 1 year warranty, so this shouldn’t stop you from buying one that gets high juicer Ratings otherwise
  • How Easily can you find Juicer parts – However reliable and durable your Juicer is, at one point in time it will need Replacement of parts. It is Great to buy a model from an established brand like Breville, Champion, Braun, Miracle and Cuisinart, with great features and sleek looks. However, if some Juicer parts or accessories for that particular model are not easily available, then you are getting yourself into some real trouble.

How You Can Compare Juicers

  • Juicers By Brand – Breville vs. Jack Lalane, Omega vs. Breville, Champion, Miracle, Cuisinart and Oster.
  • Juicers By Price – The most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the Best. Re-consider what you know about price equivalent to Quality. In the case of juicers, Consumer Reports confirm that the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the Best.
    You might want to Check our page on Juicer Ratings under 100$.
  • Compare Juicers By Type – Basically, there are 2 kinds of juicer Machines in the Market – the Masticating Juicer and the Centrifugal Juicer.
    The Centrifugal juicer is the most common type of juicer sold in stores, online and on TV.
    A centrifugal juicer spins at high speed and grinds fruit and vegetables to pulp in seconds.
    A Masticating Juicer / Twin gear juicer extracts the juice through crushing the products and then the pulp is squeezed during a second pressing stage.
    This process results in more juice and extremely dry pulp.This Type of Juicer operates at a very low speed. The low speed Prevents oxidization of the fruit and vegetables, thus preserving the precious vitamins and Anti-Oxidants. As a result you can refrigerate and store your juice for a few days.

What Was The Best Juicer You’ve Ever Used?

Juicer reviews written by home users can give you a good insight into how a specific Juicer will work in your home environment.

Now You can Share your Ratings with other visitors of this website and help them choose the right Juicer.

We all know that companies advertise their Juicers as the best of all but that is rarely the case.
It’s the consumers who have put them through hours of juicing that know best which Juicer deserves the highest recommendations.

All consumer Reports and Ratings on this page (below the form!) have been contributed by the visitors of

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