How to store your chainsaw for the winter?

How to winter a chainsaw?

Your chainsaw does not like moisture or dust. So, before putting it back, it is necessary to do a small maintenance so that it is ready for its next period of work and that it starts at the quarter turn.
Draining the fuel tank
Empty your best chainsaw tank completely into a petrol tank (UN) and do this in a clean, ventilated area. Run the engine at idle without accelerating until the carburetor is completely empty, to prevent the carburetor membranes from sticking.
Disassembling the cutting device
Remove chain and guide, clean and then spray with protective oil.
Storage of your chainsaw
It should be stored in a dry place. Choose a place that is well ventilated and weatherproof. It is strongly advised not to leave your chainsaw outside.
Sun Protection
Keep the machine away from direct sunlight, as long exposure to UV rays leads to embrittlement.
Protect from dust
Your chainsaw should always be stored in a dust-free environment. For this, has designed a line of special carrying bags and cases to protect your machine.
Securing storage
Keep your chainsaw away from other people (especially children). The ideal place would be a closet or a lockable room.
Tip: how to prune your trees properly?

Your trees are beginning to grow and you are asking yourself about pruning. Here are some tips to know when to prune and how to do it under the best conditions.

When to prune your trees?

To know when to prune your trees, you should refer to the age of your plants:
• Less than 10 years: pruning every year
• 10 years and over: pruning every 2 years
• 20 years: pruning every 4 to 5 years
• More than 20 years: pruning every 10 years
You also have to take into account the time of year you want to prune your trees. Each tree family must be pruned at a different time: so some plants do not stand to be pruned during winter, others so. In general, it is advisable to avoid the spring. Most plants will support a size better in the fall or late summer. To avoid any mistake, you will have to look at which tree family corresponds to your plants (softwoods, hardwoods, palm trees, fruit trees …).
What equipment to prune?
For the choice of tools, the thickness and position of the branches must be taken into account: you will choose a telescopic pruning shears, a pruning pole or a chainsaw according to the case. Note that it may be useful to opt for a battery sawsaw, which is both light and handy (no wire), two qualities that will facilitate the pruning of your trees.

Think also of your own safety and to equip yourself with protective goggles, trousers or cut-off legs, a helmet and possibly hearing protection (depending on the model of the chainsaw). Anti-cut shoes are also recommended.
Pruning: good to know
Pruning can become mandatory depending on the height of the tree.
• More than 2 meters: keep at a minimum distance of 2 meters from the neighbor’s land.
• Less than 2 meters: a distance of 0.50 meters is sufficient.

For information, any branch exceeding on the land of neighbors must be cut by the owner of the plants in question. Note that pruning is not always necessary. It should be borne in mind that you should prune your trees if they pose a risk in terms of safety.

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