Some things to know about chicken incubators

Reasons to use a chicken incubator:

Most of the farmers raising chickens a household scale are facing problems with incubation issues of chicken eggs:

–    The incubation rate of natural eggs is too poor such as incubation of chicken, the weather conditions and so on.

–    The hen is less productive and less healthy after hatching

–    Farmers are afraid of losing or replacing precious eggs when they come to chicken incubator stores.

–    The hatched chicks are not the same, poor health, or handicapped when incubated naturally.

–    Industrial incubators are too expensive and wasteful compared to the needs of farmers.

–    Farmer self-made chicken incubators simply by barrel spring but failed or it is consuming too much energy money and effort.

That is following reasons why farmers should use an incubator for their farm. It is more convenient to buy a useful chicken incubator which is the best chicken incubator for sale. Famers will have many good kinds of egg to buy.

Benefits of a chicken incubators:

–    Solve the difficult problems of natural hatching when the hen hatched.

–    Because the non-hatched hens are healthy, fat and also lay more eggs, raising productivity in livestock.

–    The chicks hatch very healthy, less disease, and grow faster.

–    Farmers will not worry about the swapping of precious eggs when they bring eggs to hatch in another place.

–    Preserve quarter breeds become active and quality in production activities.

Some kind of good chicken incubators are marketed:

The chicken incubators of HQ has many outstanding advantages

–    The incubation rate is always above 90% which far exceeds that of natural incubation. The hatched chickens are always in good health.

–    Incubator all kinds of eggs such as chicken eggs, duck eggs, and goose eggs.

–    Measure and accurately display the temperature and humidity in the oven.

–    The incubator is compact, simple installation and energy saving.

–    Temperature, humidity stable is easy to control with the smart device, an error is only about 0.1 ° C.

–    Incubate eggs for one hundred eggs at a time, especially is easy to add eggs during incubation without affecting the incubation eggs.

–    Prices for HQ incubators are significantly cheaper than other incubators, but the quality is still comparable.

–    High durability, stable from 3 to 4 years.

–    The quality of incubator eggs is guaranteed in the event of a power failure of up to one day

–    It does not require much space, it can be installed and put anywhere, under any environmental conditions (except under water and vacuum).

The chicken incubators of John has  many outstanding advantages

–    The John P100 Incubator uses a sponge cartridge to make the incubator.

–    The controller of the John P100 incubator uses dedicated carbon wire to heat and stabilize this temperature at about 37.6 ° C.

–    Eggs are placed inside it to avoid breaking.

–    Chicken eggs after about 21 days, duck eggs about 28 days, bird eggs about 33 days will hatch.

–    Use carbon wire – super durable – Super Power Savings, do not use bulbs. This is an exclusive design, unprecedented in United States.

–    Intelligent integrated design should be easy to assemble

–    It has the feature of measuring and displaying moisture

–    It has an alarm function when a problem occurs.

–    Egg incubation is 50 – 100 eggs, suitable for household scale, small farm.

–    Price is extremely reasonable.

–    Hatching rate is high, reaching over 95% with good egg source.

–    The farmers can monitor the temperature in the incubator and adjust the temperature as they want.

You should consider before choosing the best chicken incubator for sale. Good luck to you.

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