Some Tips to Buy And Use A Strings Trimmer?

Today, the care of plants, the environment, trees have been applied machines to increase the efficiency of labor and enhance the aesthetics. Therefore, using a trimmer to cut and trim pasture and ornamental plants, clean grass, gardens, farms and stadiums. You need to buy a trimmer but do not know how to choose a good trimmer as well as how to use it effectively and safely. You can follow some tips, which is very useful.

How to buy a suitable trimmer?

On the market today, there are many models with different prices, the user should buy the line of trimmer imported with 4-engines because it is run by gas, it saves fuel and has a healthy engine. When buying the user should pay attention to distinguish between Chinese trimmer and the imported trimmer because Chinese trimmer is less durable and unsafe. If the user wants to buy four engines, they should refer to the Honda GX35, etc. The brands have the reputation of machine production and prestige, professional. To learn more and need advice from us, please click here for more details

Do you know the ways to use a trimmer?

If you buy a new trimmer, it is very great because it is safe. To use the machine effectively and safely the user should pay attention to the following principles:

–    Before preparing to cut the user must pour petrol filled jar and 0.1-liter lubricant. Moreover, the choice of standard gasoline line for the engine is very necessary because the engine will not be clogged. After using completely, the gas should be poured out to avoid leaking out.

–    Using the lubricant to smooth the spindle, and tighten the rivets to attach the hacksaw to prevent the hacksaw from splashing out.

–    Wearing protective clothing when using a trimmer to ensure maximum safety for users.

–    The cut surface should be relatively smooth, avoiding the stones make the thigh machine saw blades thrown out.

–    Depending on the height of the user to adjust the shoulder strap and hand controls appropriately.

–    During the cutting process, it is necessary to hold the two handles to ensure safety.

–    When starting the machine, users close Le, let the machine running evenly, and slowly open Le out of the middle and start.

–    When using a trimmer for the first time should let the machine run for a few hours when the engine has been lubricated, the machine will work better.

–    During use, when the end of a gas tank user should let the machine stop working for 5 to 10 minutes to cool the engine.

–    Avoid the machine working long hours continuously will warm up the engine and damage engine faster.

–    When you use the trimmer is about 9-10 hours you should change lubricant.

–    The next time is about 25-30 hours to use you to change the lubricant once.

Special notes:

–    Choose to buy a trimmer with a smoke management engine to protect the environment.

–    Check the blade before operating the machine. If the blade shows signs of damage, cracking it should be replaced immediately. If the blade is loose, tighten it. Remember, the blade of the trimmer is the most common cause of the accident.

–    When operating trimmer, absolutely do not start the machine in closed rooms or buildings.

–       When using lawn mowers, always wear closed shoes; wear protective clothing (trousers, long dresses); wear safety gloves and safety glasses; do not wear jewelry, wearing loose clothing.

I hope that this article will give you a careful choice to choose the useful trimmers. Good luck!

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